The Institute for Solid State Physics (ISSP) at The University of Tokyo, and Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems (MPIPKS) in Dresden organized the 2nd joint workshop, “Dynamics of Strongly Correlated Systems”, which was held on March 30th–31st at the ISSP main building. 


(Mar. 31) The DSCS2015 workshop has finished. We thank all the participants for their presentations, discussions and contributions.



The scope of the workshop is recent developments in theories and experiments on strongly correlated systems with special focus on their dynamical properties, nonequilibrium and transport phenomena, and related topics. Expected main subjects of discussions include the following: Electrirc and thermal conductivities, cross response between electric, magnetic, and thermal properties. Topological quantum phases in strongly correlated electron systems, and effects of strong correlations on topologically protected surfatce states. Gigantic responses near metal-insulator transition or charge order. Exotic properties of frustrated magnets/metals and unconventional superconductors. Thermalization/non-thermalization of strongly correlated systems.

Organizers: Hirokazu Tsunetsugu (ISSP), Roderich Moessner (MPI-PKS)


Abstract booklet is here (PDF)
Mar 30 (Mon)
10:00 10:15
  Topological state, entanglement, and correlation
10:15 10:55 Frank Pollmann  (MPI-PKS)   invited
   Entanglement, and dynamics in many-body localized systems
10:55 11:35 Masaki Oshikawa   (ISSP)   invited
    Symmetry protection of critical phases and global anomaly in 1+1 dimensions
11:35 12:15 Toshikaze Kariyado   (Univ Tsukuba)
   Correlation effects on the topological edge states in graphene nanoflakes:
Relation between nanostructure and local magnetic order
12:15 13:30
  Nonequilibrium Mott physics and charge properties
13:30 14:10 Ichiro Terasaki   (Nagoya Univ)   invited
   The Mott insulator Ca2RuO4 in a non-equilibrium steady state
14:10 14:50 Akira Ueda   (ISSP)   invited
    Hydrogen-bonded purely organic conductors:
Exploration of hydrogen-bond-dynamics-coupled electronic properties
14:50 15:05
  Dynamics in frustrated systems
15:05 15:45 Mathieu Taillefumier   (OIST)   invited
    Semi-classical spin dynamics of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on the kagome lattice
15:45 16:25 Masafumi Udagawa   (UTokyo, Hongo)   invited
    Emergent collective excitations and anomalous dynamics of spin ice with short-range interaction
16:25 17:50
poster session
18:00 20:00
Mar 31 (Tue)
  QCP and topological phases
9:00 9:40 Yosuke Matsumoto   (ISSP)   invited
    Emergent critical phase in a correlated electron system
9:40 10:20 Tsuneya Yoshida   (RIKEN)
    Classification of two-dimensional symmetry protected topological phases with a reflection symmetry
10:20 10:35
  Quantum spin ice
10:35 11:15 Kenta Kimura   (Osaka Univ)   invited
    Quantum fluctuations in exchange-based spin ice Pr2Zr2O7
11:15 11:55 Olga Petrova   (MPI-PKS)   invited
    Magnetic monopoles in diluted quantum spin ice
11:55 13:20
  Skyrmion and Higgs mode
13:20 14:00 Naoto Nagaosa   (RIKEN/Univ Tokyo)   invited
    Dynamics of coupled electrons, skrymions and monopoles
14:00 14:40 Naoto Tsuji   (Univ Tokyo)
    Light-induced Higgs-mode resonance in s-wave and d-wave superconductors
14:40 14:55
  Quantum spin liquids
14:55 15:35 Yoshitomo Kamiya   (RIKEN)   invited
    Solidifying a quantum spin liquid in a 3D toric code
15:35 16:15 Dima Kovrizhin   (Univ Cambridge)   invited
    Dynamics in quantum spin-liquids
16:15 16:20
Poster Session
  PS-01 Koudai Iwahori  (Kyoto Univ)
   Periodically-driven Kondo impurity coupled to an ultracold fermionic bath
  PS-02 Masaya Nakagawa  (Kyoto Univ)
    Photo-induced Kondo effect and its anomalous behavior
  PS-03 Akihisa Koga  (Tokyo Tech)
   Transport properties for a quantum dot coupled to normal leads with the pseudogap structure
  PS-04 Yuta Murakami  (Univ Tokyo)
    Dynamical mean-field analysis of non-equilibrium relaxation processes in an electron-phonon coupled system
  PS-05 Takumi Ohta  (YITP)
   Phase diagram of a one-dimensional generalized cluster model and dynamics during an interaction sweep
  PS-06 Yuya Nakagawa  (ISSP)
    Flux quench in the S=1/2 XXZ chain
  PS-07 Kazuaki Takasan   (Kyoto Univ)
   Topological Kondo insulators in strong laser fields
  PS-08 Satoru Maeda   (Kyutech)
    Effect of Ca-doping on pyrochlore iridates Nd2Ir2O7
  PS-09 Kim Hyeon-Deuk   (Kyoto Univ)
   Dynamical analyses of condensed-phase hydrogens using nuclear and electron wave packet molecular dynamics simulation
  PS-10 Tomoyuki Hamada   (Hitachi Ltd)
    First principle calculation of electronic structures of lantanide oxides with pseudopotential method
  PS-11 Takeru Nakayama   (ISSP)
   Fano resonance between Higgs bound states and Nambu-Goldstone modes
  PS-12 Katsuaki Kobayashi   (UEC)
    Convergence for the groundstate auxiliary field method
  PS-13 Amane Uehara   (Univ Tokyo)
   Theoretical study of charge-spin-orbital fluctuations in mixed valence spinels: AlV2O4 and LiV2O4
  PS-14 Yusuke Sugita   (Univ Tokyo)
    Excitonic multipole order in a d-p model with parity mixing
  PS-15 Joji Nasu   (Tokyo Tech)
   Finite temperature phase transition in chiral spin liquids
  PS-16 Takanori Sugimoto   (TUS)
    Magnetization process in a frustrated spin ladder
  PS-17 Kazuhiko Tanimoto   (YITP)
   Topological quantum phase transition in an SU(N)-invariant spin chain
  PS-18 Ryo Ozawa   (Univ Tokyo)
    Meron crystals with spin scalar chiral stripes
  PS-19 Hiroyuki Fujita   (ISSP)
   Chiral magnetic effect in insulators